What's Your Perfect Weight?!

The Innovative Personal Transformation Plan... Designed Around YOUR Relationship With Food and Healthy Living Practices!


You know… the number that is magic for you… the point where you like the way your clothes fit, you feel healthier, you remember getting compliments and enjoying the way you look, the point you know you’ll feel better, healthier, you’ll enjoy your shopping experience more, you can play with your kids and take the stairs without feeling breathless and you can reach your toes.  The size and shape that is JUST RIGHT for you.

Weight gain is not just a matter of poor self control and that’s why we need a “master plan”.  Years of research and working with my clients have taught me that there are three keys that will probably make the biggest impact in terms of getting you results and helping you achieve your “magic number”…. where you like the way you look and feel.

I have spent years teasing through the overwhelm of information, the science and the fads to find out where the “gold” is.  Quite simply focusing on these three keys in a multi-layered way (fancy way of saying “doing it properly”) will get you  most “bang for your buck” when it comes to looking and feeling great.

This program is designed to give you everything you need to tackle a lack of muscle tone, poor nutrition, deficiencies, toxic overload, stress and dysfunctional coping mechanisms (all the REAL CAUSES of weight issues)…

Because weight management is Not simply a problem of poor self control!

Fact:  Diets don’t last and they don’t work!
Fact:  Motivation fluctuates and sometimes we don’t go after what we want, or we just can’t seem to find the discipline to do what we know we “should” do.  Sound familiar?!
  Most people that have tried at least three fad diets in their life will have put back all the weight they have lost and gained some.
Fact: Most diets fail because people do not get the help in the area where they need it. You have physiological (body) needs and psychological (mental and emotional) needs. The reasons why most people fail is that they are not getting help in the area that they NEED.
Fact:  Sustainable weight control needs a multi-layered approach that includes psychology, nutrition, exercise and support.

The key to long term sustainable weight management is not “diet and exercise”

It IS good nutrition, movement you love (that incorporates some interval and resistance training) and the biggest secret and golden tip of all… meeting and understanding your EMOTIONAL needs and figuring out ways to cope with and effectively manage stress
  • If you have tried diets before and failed.
  • If you feel there is an emotional component to your weight management.
  • If you feel humiliated by having to attend group “weigh ins”.
  • If you hate programs that make you eat food that leaves you hungry, bored and bloated or feeling sluggish.
  • If you have a BIG reason to change or you are SICK and TIRED of feeling and looking the way you do… then please keep reading because this might be just the thing you have been looking for… This innovative online program (which means it’s private and you can do it from the comfort of your own home), starts with a fully comprehensive assessment that pinpoints and isolates your weak and vulnerable points so that you know EXACTLY where you need to get started. It then gives you the strategy to unpack the three golden keys to weight control using specially formulated nutrition, exercise and psychology tactics to get you results.
    Here’s just some of the things you’ll discover in this completely unique program:

    • You’ll explore why you eat the way you do, get to the bottom of your emotional eating and understand your “food affair”.  You’ll discover strategies to effectively manage your eating, overcome temptations and increase your confidence and trust in your ability to eat and relate to food in a way that serves you so you never have to play victim to fad diets, yo-yo weight gain / weight loss, or nutritionally incomplete approaches ever again!
    • the right information about what to eat for your body and your lifestyle,
    • fun ways to move that reconnect you to your power,
    • how to shift your metabolism up a gear so that you burn more fat and have more energy,
    • dynamic processes to boost self confidence
    • how to set boundaries, avoid temptation and engage your self control gears
    • non bitchy but effective ways to say no to others and be heard
    • what to wear whatever your shape or size so that you can feel great NOW
    • step by step processes to change the habits that are keeping you stuck in your current situation and state
    • ways to think and behave to ensure you get what you want
    • the questions you need to ask yourself to get up close, personal and honest with yourself about where you are, where you want to be and what is really going on for you right now in your life
    • empowering strategies and insights to put you in the drivers seat and in control of your life
    • support and accountability to keep you doing what you need to do to get the results you want to get
    • plus MUCH more!

    Good weight control is about having access to the right information and the right support at the time when you need it.  This program is about giving you that access.

The fact is:  You have a weight problem because your needs are not been adequately met.  You have physiological (body) needs and psychological (mental and emotional) needs. The reasons why most people fail is that they are not getting help in the area that they NEED.  (This program starts with a fully comprehensive assessment that pinpoints and isolates your weak and vulnerable points so that you know EXACTLY where you need to get started.)

If reaching your goal is important to you, and you want the support and accountability to get you through the tough days, then this program is exactly what you need.

Right Size Your Weight

Learn from a team of expert contributors:
Behaviour change strategist and Nutritionist, NLP practitioner, Movement specialist, Exercise physiologists, Image Consultant, Personal Trainers, Dance Instructors and more all contribute and share their experience, insight and wisdom with you.  You get to benefit from these highly specialised experts, who have committed themselves to their passion: greater health and vitality, and you will find the information all laser-focused on one thing – getting real and lasting results for YOU! Here is some more information about just some of them!

Lisa Vance: Nutritionist and Program Coordinator

Lisa Vance is an expert in eating behaviour. She has travelled the world and spent a number of years exploring and understanding people’s intricate relationships with food.  She is qualified in nutrition and psychology with a BSc. Honours and practices as a nutritionist and health coach.  Lisa’s passion and interest in the rather complex food affairs she has witnessed amongst clients, led her to create a plan that provides the opportunity  for you to discover a greater understanding of yourself, to learn why you eat the way you do, how you sabotage yourself and what your character strengths, skills and weaknesses are and how to make these work for you.  Using I’ve Got Life’s W.H.A.T.?  method under Lisa’s guidance you will be able to gain control over your eating.

You will discover useful strategies outlining what you can do to control your eating behaviours as well as important insights into the nitty gritty important nutrition principles you need to know to match an eating plan or diet to your lifestyle.  The plan addresses the psychology of eating, the power of movement, and the magic combination of what is important nutritionally if you want to right-size your weight and have great energy levels all day long.

Here is the rest of the team who will be sharing their Personal Transformation Secrets with you…

Sue Lester: NLP Practitioner to help you smash through barriers and limiting beliefs…

has a passion for inspiring others to connect with their dreams. She is a Master Practitioner of Neuro Linguistic Programming, Hypnosis and Results Coaching, with a background in education and social enterprise and over 25 years experience. Sue specialises in therapeutic coaching programs, including for those conceiving or pregnant, and Emotion Detox Workshops.

Sue has contributed to this program by sharing with you her problem dissolving strategies.  She can help you identify and clear the underlying reasons for your concerns, freeing you to make the changes you want to see in your life. NLP techniques can make it easy for you to make healthy choices, stay positive and set boundaries with others.

Ben Butler: Qualified Fitness Professional and Coach with quick and easy ways to move that bust through any excuse…

Ben Butler is the Australian Director for THE MAX, a group of Private, Prestigious and Exclusive International Fitness Businesses Colleges in Australia and New Zealand. He has a degree in Human Movement Science; he is a fulltime educator, a practicing Fitness Professional and owner of the HELPERS (Health Exercise Lifestyle Professionals Emergency Rescue Squad).  He is a current bodybuilding competitor and the happiest, funnest guy you will ever have the pleasure of meeting.


Rohan O’Reilly: Strength and Power Coach

Rohan is the founder of Mandala Keys a holistic well being system which focuses on teaching people the key elements of human evolution. A certified master trainer/strength coach , with twenty years of research and practical experience in helping people realize their inner and outer strength.Rohan is passionate about unveiling the secrets of the body, mind and spirit and showing how the way we think, feel and move has a VERY real impact on our health, and how we look. Are you doing the “right things” and getting the “wrong” results?


Anne Noonan: Personal Stylist to make you look great in the skin you are in…

Anne Noonan is a Personal Stylist and has worked in the area of career and personal dressing for over 10 years.  Anne is a true believer that no matter what body type you’ve been blessed with, you can look amazing.  It really doesn’t matter what size you are, whether you carry your weight in your hips, your middle or around your bust, you can look amazing.  By understanding how to work with colour and marry it up with knowledge about flattering – not covering up – your figure challenges, you can visually drop 5 kgs instantly.  It’s simple once you know the rules!


Program Outline:

When you participate in this program, here’s what you’ll receive:

    • 90 Day Total Body Transformation Program.  The ultimate kick off personal transformation plan, jam packed with content and practical tips and tools
    • Full initial health assessment performed by Lisa Vance, pinpointing exactly where and how to get started: Valued at $147
    • Expert information: Nutritionist, NLP Practitioner, Movement specialist, Image consultant: One on one with each of these would clock up to well over $600.
    • “Call a friend”: 3 telephone coaching calls with Lisa (*or one of her team) when you most need them
    • Weekly tasks, tips, motivators, resources and tools
    • Unlimited email support to get your questions answered as they come up

Here are just a handful of the many benefits this expert team brings:

    • You will be given a time tested formula for eating detailing what to eat, how to eat it, the amount to eat, and when to eat to ensure you can easily achieve your weight goals and as a bonus: improve your chances of living longer, looking good in your skin and feeling full of energy.
    • You will gain insight to the secrets and drives behind why you eat and what to do to ensure a more conscious relationship with food and keep you off the path of self sabotage.
    • We know that everyone encounters barriers along the way, and that is why we have incorporated into the program tools to push these barriers aside
    • You will discover your inner strength and the power that comes from using your muscles and your mind together. Imagine you could push through barriers to exercise and really feel motivated to move.  You will be shown how to tap into your strength and achieve the results you want to see. You will be given opportunities to move weekly with peers in ways that are fun so you don’t have to do it alone
    • Our image consultant will give you information on how to use colour and style to love the way you look.  Create a new you or invite the real you to come out from behind the protective invisibility barrier you have created. Use your image to communicate the message you want to out to the world with confidence
    • Dietary guidelines and recommendations
    • Mind shift, self sabotage and overcoming barriers coaching and strategies
    • Recipes: quick, healthy, tasty
    • Weekly tasks and goals and healthy living habit challenges
    • Weekly activities: where to move, how to move… there are lots of things you can do
    • Bonus teleconferences and/or professional interviews
    • Online forum
    • Maintenance Plan
    • Our team is committed to your success, while you are on the program you will have access to our coaching professionals for one on one sessions as you need them (– special fee structure applies).

No more excuses, it’s time to get on track

From the comfort of your home and at your own pace you can get started anytime!  So skip into springtime, sexy into summertime or just get started on your path to feeling greater!

“If you are looking for that push in the right
direction, Lisa has plenty of knowledge to
pass on to you, and can help you to realise
where and when you are going wrong.
My health and weight has improved greatly
in such a short period of time. “-Andrew, Slacks Cree

Only $47 (incl. GST) per week for 12 weeks.
Time passes anyway, you might as well be moving towards your goals.  You can get to summer again, wishing you had started sooner or you can Skip into Spring feeling fresh and looking fab, ready to show off your results in the summer season!

So Why Wait? Just follow our simple three step registration process:

Step 1.  Register by clicking on the Subscribe Button below which will allow you to activate your weekly payment subscription through PayPal (you don’t need a PayPal account to be able to do this).  Simply follow the steps to sign up to the payment process which will deduct $47 from your credit card each week for 12 weeks.

Step 2.  Once you’ve completed your Paypal subscription, you will be taken to your course membership login page (you may need to click on an orange “Return to Vendor” button on the last Paypal screen).

Step 3: Check your email inbox for a welcome email that contains your username and password to login to the course.

Or, contact us to discuss your next move toward a healthier, happier you!

If you are hesitating, there are a few possible reasons…
either you are not sure you will get value; you think you can do it on your own; you are not ready; you are ready but you think you might try a different program.

Let me help you out.

1. You will get great value. These professionals know their stuff, they are experts in their field and have helped many to achieve GREAT and often LASTING results.  Here’s the cruncher though, they got the GREATEST results with people who were committed to change, and WANTED, really wanted, to achieve their goals.  Is this you?  If it is you, if you really want to be somewhere different from where you are, if you really want to FEEL different, look even greater, and manage and experience yourself differently so that you can say: “I’m so proud of myself, and I feel so good about myself”.  GREAT, this program is for you… you could really use their help and you are ready to take the next step.

2. You have a much greater chance of success if you have a mentor (or several).  The weight loss industry is MASSIVE and hugely commercial, which means it is driven by making money.  The health professionals here are motivated by a value called: “contribution”, that means they feel good when they are being or doing a great service. Don’t try and do this alone, it’s harder.

3. You may not be ready, that’s ok…  you can still do something.  Here’s a FREE  and quick little exercise for you. Take a piece of paper and write down: “What happens if I do nothing to change, where will I be in 5 years time, what will I look like, what will I feel like, what will I say to myself then?”  Then invite yourself to answer the questions.

Here’s the thing, it’s just not good for you to “shoulda, woulda, coulda” all over yourself, so at least take the time to make an informed choice now.  When you DO find yourself ready to commit to and experience positive change, because chances are eventually you will, you simply take the next step…  it’s the best thing you can do for yourself.

“In any moment of decision, the best thing you can do is the right thing, the worst thing you can do is nothing.”

Theodore Roosevelt

4. If you find yourself thinking you are ready to change but this program is not for you, that’s ok.  Just be sure to choose a program that encourages responsible and sustainable weight management, like this one does, so that you don’t make your problem worse, lose valuable time and waste your money.  If or when other programs don’t deliver the results you were expecting, you can always come back here.

5. We won’t give up until you do.  If after 90 days you haven’t reached your goal yet, we just keep going until you do.

(You can call Lisa on 0400 325 341 now, if you wanted to have a chat about something.)